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Model introduction

Fresh air for business Wait for honor

Feeling the need for elite personal travel, in a low-key luxury, leading in comfortable technology, making perfect driving experience, meeting business entertainment at the same time, know more about family travel. As the national independent brand MPV, Joylong ifly honorable & enjoyable MPV, win honor business, understand luxury life.

Model highlights

Spatial layout

2950mm long wheelbase gives body top generous space, unique long sliding function for 798mm, the car seat layout can provide at least six spatial forms to meet your different needs: standard seven mode, four people mode, rest mode, super comfortable mode, rear seat flat mode and large luggage space mode and so on. Many intelligent technology like the front seats with electric heating and the rear seats hanging, human services, meticulous and thoughtful, be sure to make your journey perfect.
Luxury panoramic sunroof electric set, build transparent space, let you take everything in a glance.

Safety protection

Airbag system

Multidimensional set seven airbags, the front airbag can protect the head and the upper body from being hit to the steering wheel and the dashboard when occurring in the frontal collision; Side airbag significantly reduced the risk of the pelvis and the chest injured in the side impact, multiple safety protection for you.

Panoramic parking system

Safe parking and no blind spots, four "super wide Angle surveillance cameras" decorated around the vehicle, can monitor the vehicle for 360 degrees at the same time, in reversing display appear the real images from overlooking the angle , can set his mind to reach the designated position.

Anti glare rearview mirror

When driving at night, the rear view mirror can reduce the strong light reflection from the headlight of vehicle, so that the driver can accurately grasp the rear case, ensure the safety of driving effectively.

Excellent power

Automated manual transmission

With a stable and mature four speed automated automatic gearbox, not only let the manipulation of fun, but also achieve a low vibration, low noise, low fuel consumption and smooth shift performance. Intelligent to provide full power and engine braking , to make the deceleration and acceleration response sensitively, to achieve both comfort and safety.


Application of the world's leading Mitsubishi MIVEC variable valve timing technology, through the computer controls the intake / exhaust valve opening, implements the inlet to the exhaust efficiency, strong output power, excellent quiet, outstanding fuel economy and reaches the state V emission standard.


Outstanding courage, honor enjoy to meet for the first time

Forceful line design and different shape building, both moderate and show luxurious style. Open chrome grille and large crystal headlights are connected into a whole, with the formation V type of front face design of sharp fog light and the air inlet, outstanding and perfect, naturally from the body to the soul of the ultimate hospitality.

Sedate in style, exquisite and organized

Exquisite line, stable car tail and body silhouettes, coherent whole, gives the vehicle exquisite temperament, suddenly sculptural sense appear, more full of strength, all show the detachment of leader quartet.

Intelligent electric door

Electric anti clamp double sliding door and electric tail gate design, through the intelligent key can control side and tail gate opening and closing, to make people get on and off more gentleness.

Selective color


Appreciate unusual situation, control new scale

Mahogany multi-function steering wheel

Provide power for steering, bring a smooth super experience like flowing water, more elegant than enjoyment.

Deluxe LCD panel

Strong sense of metal texture of the instrument outside the ring has a sense of movement, to bring the sedate cockpit technology atmosphere.

Front seat

Match the advanced electric adjustable technology (the main drive 8/ the copilot 4), with a backrest, seat cushion angle, seat lift and seat performance before and after adjustment, meet the best comfortable driving mode, it is more effective to reduce driving fatigue, improve the security of driving.

Protective head pillow

Develop "active defense system", the driver naturally back when the collision occurs, triggered by the waist, instantaneous make the head pillow upward and move forward, so as to reduce the distance between the head and the head pillow, avoid the impact. At the same time, the head can adjust 41.5 mm upward.

Sleep head pillow

Provide “perfect journey rest”, comprehensive fitting curve of human body, upgrade multi-angle headrest regulating function, the headrest overall can be adjusted 15°, ear crosswise adjustable, bring you every moment of love.

Electric leg support + Rotary pedal

As a "special treatment" guest, carefully matched leg support and pedal honor enjoy combination from the top bridge car, ensure that guest in each state can take a comfortable experience.

Middle seat

We adapt extraordinary large angle and large width design, comfortable enjoyable huge space combination. With the backrest, seat and lateral sliding performance, all exhibit relaxed body. Backrest adjustment (forward 11°backward 64°) Front and rear sliding (lock + rail 798mm) Lateral sliding(80mm)

Fashion and artistic Durable and anti-corrosion

Classic square headlamps and circular fog lamp complement each other; delicate red rear combination lamp highlights the exquisite workmanship; smooth privacy wide side window effectively reduce the driving wind noise, and the body is also smoother. Body adopts international advanced "Three coating three drying" electrophoresis technology. Paint is full and bright, and it won’t rot in 10 years.

Configuration display

Standard configuration
We adopt the most advanced RFID technology.

It will unlock automatically when owner approach to open the door. With the car automatic recognition system you just need push the start button to start the vehicle.

Three zone automatic constant temperature air conditioning

Equipped with independent automatic constant temperature air conditioning system, to meet the cab, middle row passengers and passengers in the rear for different needs of the temperature. Also equipped with anion air purifier, bring fresh and natural air.

Top sound system

10 speakers form the top sound system, hall class sound brings the perfect audio-visual feast.

9 inch folding high definition display screen

9 inch folding high definition display screen located on the roof of the vehicle, integrated video playback, car TV and other functions for the rear passengers experience luxury audition

Vehicle configuration

Length*width*height (mm)4900*1835*1890
Seating capacity7seats
Fuel tank capacity (L)65
Max. speed(km/h)180
Emission standard  EURO-V
Rated power(kW/rpm)110/5750
Max. torque(N.M/rpm)218/4000
Fuel typeGasoline
Gearbox  4 AMT
Tire215/65 R16  Aluminum alloy rim
Brake systemFront/back disc + drum, ABS+EBD, Hydraulic double circuit vacuum booster system, Pedal parking brake,Electronic throttle
SuspensionMcPherson front independent suspension/ Torsion Beam Rear Suspension
Exhaust after-treatmentTwo-stage TWC, two-stage muffler
  Main configuration
ModelLuxury typeComfortable type
Luxury administrative seatsLeatherFabric
Three-point safety belt
 Main driving seat eight direction electric adjustment   
Co-pilot and second row seat electric adjustment
  Lord, co-pilot seat electric heating
Second row seat electric leg support
Adjustable head pillow
Second row seat transverse
Second , third row seat long distance slip
Third row seat folding hanging
Luxury multi-function LCD panel
Instantaneous fuel consumption display
Multifunctional leather steering wheel
SRS air bag7Lord, co-pilot
Panoramic parking system, reverse video imageOptional
Ranging radar
Cruise control
Intelligent keyless starting system
Multimedia systemCar Android intelligent system +8 inch LED display
MP3 media player (optional Android system)
Passenger area 9 inch folding LED LCD screen
Surround sound system10 speakers6 speakers
Double side sliding door(Electric) (Manual)
Four electric glass lifts
Door speed limit lock
Tire brand    MichelinGiti
Fabric roof
Automatic anti glare rearview mirror
Three automatic constant temperature air conditioning (with pollen filter)
Anion air purifierOptional
Front opening skylightOptional
Rear panoramic electric skylightOptional
Rear view mirror electric control
Rear view mirror heating, electric folding
LED high brake light
LED daytime running light
LED interior atmosphere light
   Auto light
Headlight height adjustable
Parking lighting delay
4 files front + rear wind window washing
AV input
Central box(including 220V source)Optional